Kids Have No Idea What Cassette Tapes Are. Do you?

Soon after it arrived on the scene, this piece of modern audio technology was the must-have item of its time. With superior audio quality and the ability to take your music on the go while jogging, on the beach or anywhere outdoors, it quickly became a best seller. No, we’re not talking about Ipod, but the Sony Walkman Cassette Player which hit the market almost 35 years ago in 1979.

But like the rotary phone, today’s gadgets make this beloved mobile music player a relic. Something to be marveled at and puzzled over by the current generation of kids raised on digital music, streaming radio channels and YouTube concerts.

Just how would today’s kids react when shown them a cassette tape with no speakers?

Here are a few things you might not have known about the Cassette Tape.

How It Began

Era of Mass Adoption

So Why Was It So Popular?

What Goes Up Must Go Down…(The Fall)

The cassette tape peaked in popularity by the late 1980s, where the market had drastically dropped in both Europe and North America. This was due to a new technology called compact discs (CDs for short) that became popular in the 1990s. By 2001, cassettes had pretty much dropped out for the race as its market share was less than 5%. The following year, U.S music companies had stopped producing them. What is interesting is that blank cassette tapes are still being made and sold today.

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