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‘American Idol’ Recap: Katy Perry Tells A Bullied Teen He’s A ‘Superstar’ AfterStunning Audition 

Douglas Mills Jr. got hugs and huzzahs during his “American Idol” audition on Sunday.(Watch the video below.)

The 18-year-old Houston singer’s commanding performance of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” mesmerized the judges.

Katy Perry called it “iconic.” Lionel Richie said it was “superb” and “off the charts.”

Mills mentioned that He had been bullied his whole life for looking different, and had never even left the state of Texas before the local ABC news affiliate in Houston discovered his singing and got him an ‘affiliate pass’ to audition for the show’s 20th Season, during its auditions in Austin, Texas.

But that’s backstory now. Mills is moving forward — and his first stop will be Hollywood for the next round.

Now let’s bring it in, gang.

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