7 SHOCKING Things You Didn’t Know About Alexa Demie, Maddy from Euphoria

It’s no surprise that Alexa Demie is a big fan favorite star in Euphoria. We instantly fell in love with her role as Maddy, and now, we want to know more about Alexa Demie.

From her mysterious age to her current romantic life, here’s everything we know about the enigma that is Alexa Demie.

Alexa is a designer

In an interview with V Magazine, Demie mentioned that she launched her own eyewear line in high school, which has been featured in Vogue Korea and worn by A-list stars including Jennifer Lopez. She also created a costume for one of Nicki Minaj‘s first music videos, and was actually headed to New York to study fashion before she started to book acting roles.

She is a Singer

On top of working as a designer, Demie is also a singer-songwriter – she released her first single “Girl Like Me” in 2017. In September 2021, she dropped her next song, “Leopard Limo (Archive LL11).” She’s also featured in Pearl’s 2016 track, “Turnin’ Tricks.”She told W Magazine in an interview that just before landing a role on Euphoria, she was close from taking a break from acting to pursue music.

She has been acting since 2015

Alexa’s first role was in a 2015 short film titled “Miles.” She also starred in Jonah Hill‘s Mid90s as a high schooler named Estee. The film faced controversy due to a very uncomfortable scene showing Estee hooking up with Stevie, a 13 year-old skater. Although not completely the same, Maddy in Euphoria struggles from a toxic and abusive relationship with Nate, played by Jacob Elordi.

She landed Euphoria from a missed opportunity

A year before auditioning for the fan-favorite HBO show, she failed to land a role for Augustine Frizzell’s film Never Goin’ Back. “At the time, I was so discouraged about acting because I wasn’t getting any scripts that I loved,” she told W Magazine. She was about to take a break from acting to pursue music, until she received an e-mail about Euphoria, an opportunity she knew she had to take.

Age Mistery

The actress’s age has long been a conversation topic online since her rise to fame in 2019, after various reports at the time claimed her to be 24 and others 28.

She’s in a long-term relationship

Demie evidently has a penchant for musicians. In an interview with InStyle, she laughed about her first celeb crush being none other than Eminem. Today she is reportedly dating Christian Berishaj, also known as JMSN, an acclaimed R&B musician. In 2017, Demie appeared in the music video for Berishaj’s song “Slide,” suggesting that they’ve been partners for quite a while.

She left the U.S. when Euphoria premiered.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Demie mentioned she took a phone-free holiday to Tulum, Mexico when the HBO show premiered. Although she purposely booked a hotel without a television, she couldn’t resist the temptation and checked Twitter for reactions of the show. “We were trending number three worldwide and number one in the US. It was too much not to look,” she said.

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