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22 Insanely Summer Fun Date Ideas for Teens

Dating as an adult or as a married couple is difficult enough. But dating as a teenager is a whole different ballgame! Not only you are trying to meet new people and connect with them, but you’re trying to have fun at the same time, and it can be super hard to come up with first date ideas! 

In addition to the complex dating scene teens are faced with, they also have the added stress of handling the logistics of dating! Maybe they don’t have a ton of money to spend on going out, or maybe they don’t have a car or a driver’s license yet to be able to take their date out. 

If this is something you can relate to, don’t worry! We have rounded up the best and perfect (and inexpensive) summer dates.

Go Bowling

This might be borderline cheesy for a date idea, but you can never go wrong with the classic. Not too shabby as a place, and not too expensive either. It can also be the perfect place to break the ice, especially if it’s your first date with your partner-to-be. You can indulge in some friendly competition and celebrate your win later with some burgers and fries at the cafe.

Get Ice Cream Together

To keep your date short but sweet, head to a local ice cream parlor. Both fun and affordable, an ice cream date is a cute way to get to know one another without any added pressure. If your nerves get the better of you, just blame it on the brain freeze.

Go To The Museum

Enjoy the best of your city’s culture with a trip to a museum. Most museums are free to enter or are funded entirely by donations, so a museum date is an excellent idea for artistic teens on a budget.

Chill At The Beach

During the summer months, grab some towels and head to the beach. During the day, you can play a spirited game of volleyball or frisbee. When the sun sets, take a twilight stroll along the beach and learn more about each other.

Explore The City

Glittering city lights make a stunning backdrop for a first date. Even if you’ve lived in a city for years, there are usually hidden gems left to be uncovered. On your date, you can either hit your favorite city spots or explore somewhere new.

Play Mini Golf

Show off your competitive side with a round of mini-golf. You don’t need to be golfing pros to make the most of this date idea. Just show up, take a few shots, and hope that the date is as awesome as a hole-in-one.

Go to a Concert

Concerts are SO fun and make for an extra special date night. 

This date idea is great for 18 year olds because typically you will have a job which means money to go to a concert. When I was 18, concert dates were really popular. 

Head to the Zoo

Look up, “free zoos in my area” on Google, and you might be able to find a really cheap date idea that you didn’t even know was possible. 

Not only are you being active and enjoying the day with a special someone, but you are experiencing something new them.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Having someone who betters you as a person is ALWAYS important!

Volunteering is such a good date idea for teens because it shows the other persons character and willingness to help others.

You are not only spending time together but also helping someone else.


If you’re the creative one in the relationship (or if your lover is), try painting together. Take a trip to an arts and crafts store together (or alone if it’s a surprise) and stock up on small canvases and paint supplies. The activity can take place outside at a park or indoors. Try painting what’s around you, or paint a picture of each other.

Go Hiking

If you love the Great Outdoors, then hiking in the local area is a beautiful first date idea. To immortalize your date, bring along a camera and upload the top snaps of the day to Instagram.

Have A Picnic

A picnic is a timeless date for a reason. Not only can you tailor the menu to suit you both, but it’s easy to spend hours curled up on a blanket together under the summer sun.

Set Up A Hammock In The Park

To elevate your next date, set up a floating hammock in the park! Grab a cooler, pack some sandwiches and find a vacant spot between two trees. Fix the hammock securely to the trees and you’re good to go.

Check Out A Farmer’s Market

Trawl through colorful stalls and grab incredible fresh produce at your local farmer’s market. To spice things up, challenge yourselves to find everything you need to cook your favorite recipe together.

Take your date To The Carnival

You can’t go wrong taking your date to a carnival that has fun games and tasty junk food. Most carnivals feature performers, street food, and cool rides, so it’s the perfect place for an exciting day.

Book Hunting

If you two are avid readers, finding the bookworm in each other can be a good time. Browse your local bookstore together to find a great read. This is a fun way to see what kind of books you both like or dislike. Did I mention there’s usually coffee?

Watch The Sunset

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun go down. To make the most of your date, pack a light picnic, some blankets, and a camera to capture the magic. When choosing a place to watch the sunset, beaches and hilltops make idyllic settings.

Visit An Animal Shelter

Show off your softer side by visiting adorable animals at the local animal shelter. At these shelters, you can play with animals for free and connect with your date over a shared love of all things furry.

Karaoke Night

Flex those vocal cords at a Karaoke Night. Whether you’ve been called the next Billie Eilish or have never sung a note, this date idea promises to be a riot. Just grab a microphone, pick out some cheesy duets and sing your hearts out.

Go Bike Riding

Cruise around your local trails on a bike riding date. You can either rent separate bikes and fly solo or test your trust with an old-fashioned tandem.

Go Kayaking

If you live near open water, rent a kayak and explore the peaceful waters together. You may even be able to flex your heroic muscles if one of you falls in.

Cook At Home Together

To save your hard-earned cash, stay in and cook a meal at home together. Whipping up a delicious dish encourages solid teamwork and communication, so it’s a great way to strengthen your bond.

Watch Movies And Shows At Home

In the era of online streaming, it is easier than ever to plug in your TV and stream any movie or show of your choice. Be it a romantic movie you’ve been planning to watch with your partner or binging a show on Netflix for an entire weekend night, both make for beautiful date night ideas for teenagers.

Sometimes, if you are out of budget and need to plan a date but cannot afford to go to the movies, this tip comes in handy. You can just get some popcorn and cold drinks for accompaniments, and you are good to go. You can also use this time to get familiar with each other’s favorite movies or shows and watch them all without having to invest a fortune.

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