20 Things You Might Not Know About Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is heading to the Super Bowl, once again.

Last Sunday, the two NFL teams who will vie for a chance to win the Lombardi Trophy this year were finally set. The Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida, on Feb. 7.

Mahomes is considered to many as the most talented quarterback in the NFL, as he continues to amaze fans with his spectacular plays week after week. He’s a generational talent that has led his team to the AFC Championship Game in his first season as a starter and won the Super Bowl in his second.

As famous as Mahomes is, there’s a lot you probably don’t know about him. When players get as big as he’s become, they begin to ignore the little things.

20 Initially Was Backup To Davis Webb At Texas Tech

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Remember former third-round pick Davis Webb from California? Yeah, well Patrick Mahomes was the backup for him when he first came into college football. Clearly, Mahomes took over the starting quarterback position, which forced Webb to transfer out if he wanted to attempt a professional football career. Webb now serves as a backup while Mahomes is a top-3 quarterback.

19 Scored 12 Rushing Touchdowns As Senior At Texas Tech

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You wouldn’t realize it by watching the way he plays as a professional, but Mahomes ran used his legs to score in his senior season at Texas Tech. 12 rushing touchdowns are more than just casually running. People forget how much of a threat he can be when he uses his legs, especially because more people are worried about what he can do with his arm.

18 Has A Brother And Sister

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Give some love to Mahomes’ siblings, his brother Jackson and sister Mia. Jackson has actually become famous on Tik Tok for those who use the new application. So, Patrick might not be the only celebrity sibling for very long. Both of his siblings are younger than him which is why you may not hear about them much.

17 Dating His High School Sweetheart

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As famous as Patrick Mahomes is, he could probably get any woman he wants. Add in how he’s for sure going to become the highest-paid quarterback of all time, women would be swarming around him. Unfortunately, ladies, Mahomes is dating his high school sweetheart, Brittany. If you check social media you will see Brittany is a massive supporter of the Chiefs.

16 He Owns 180 Pairs Of Shoes

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Mahomes is just like any other sneakerhead, as he owns 180 pairs of shoeinsider his custom shoe closet. Clearly, he cashed in those endorsements deals early, or he must’ve been saving a lot of money throughout college. It’s pretty impressive all that he owns and how clean he’s kept the closet.

15 Threw A Football Out Of Arrowhead Stadium

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Not only is Mahomes is accurate, but he has a really strong arm. One day he was throwing inside Arrowhead Stadium, where he threw the football outside of the stadium. If you look at Arrowhead Stadium, there’s really no easy way to throw the ball outside of the stadium. It took tremendous arm strength to be able to make that happen.

14 Loves Ketchup

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A fun fact about Patrick Mahomes is that he loves ketchup. He even mentioned that there’s no way possible Andy Reid could love ketchup more than he does. It’s such a unique thing to really enjoy considering it’s a compliment. It’s probably hard to eat with him during certain meals if he uses ketchup for everything.

13 Growing Up His Role Model Was Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez isn’t a surprise to be someone’s role model, but it’s a bit surprising that it was Mahomes’ role model. Rodriguez is a great baseball player, but he was also caught cheating during his career with steroids. As great as he was, he cheated through the game which is something a young athlete shouldn’t look up to.

12 Parents Are Divorced

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In 2006, Patrick Mahomes’ parents got a divorce. The two wanted to stick together for their family but ended up parting ways. Although they are no longer together, they still remain a good relationship. It’s a great thing to have in a sticky situation, especially with the type of success Mahomes has had.

11 Best Friends With Kareem Hunt

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Many people may not know, but Kareem Hunt stated that one of his best friends on the team was Patrick Mahomes. It really makes you wonder how their relationship was impacted by the situation with Hunt that led to his release. It also makes you wonder how the star quarterback feels towards someone he was once best friends with.

10 His Father Gave Him The Nickname “Showtime” When He Was Younger

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Mahomes’ father gave him the perfect nickname when he was younger, “Showtime.” If that doesn’t describe Mahomes perfectly, there’s not another name out there that can. He truly shows up when the lightest are the brightest, and always seem to be the highlight of every game every week. He’s truly a special type of player.

9 First Chiefs Player To Ever Be On Madden Cover

Mahomes made Madden history, as he was the first Chiefs player to ever land on the Madden cover. Not only did he land on the Madden cover, but he may have broken the curse. Typically plays who are on the Madden cover struggle, however, Mahomes managed to come back a knee injury and win a Super Bowl.

8 Mahomes’ Father Played On Six Different MLB Teams

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If you didn’t know, now you know that Patrick Mahomes’ father, Pat, was an MLB pitcher. Throughout his career, he pitched on seven different teams. Those teams included the Twins, Mets, Red Sox, Pirates, Rangers, and Cubs. Even before Mahomes became an NFL star, the athletic genes were in his blood.

7 Threw 16-Strikeout No-Hitter In Senior Year Of High School

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Since Mahomes was younger, he was as good of an athlete as you can ask for. When he was in his senior year of high school, he struck out 16 batters in a no-hitter. That’s incredible for an MLB pitcher to do, yet a high school pitcher. To be fair, that means only 11 batters made contact through the game.

6 Drafted By Detroit Tigers In 2014 MLB Draft

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If football didn’t work out, Mahomes had an opportunity in another professional sport. In 2014, he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 37th round. Granted, it makes complete sense why he didn’t take it considering it would’ve been really difficult to develop being drafted that late. It is interesting to know he was drafted into two different sports.

5 Threw 93 Touchdown Passes In Three Seasons At Texas Tech

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It’s still amazing to remember that Patrick Mahomes was the second quarterback selected in the 2017 NFL Draft. He was insane at Texas Tech in all aspects of his game, scoring more than 50 total touchdowns in his senior season. He could do it all from throwing the football to using his legs to reach the endzone.

4 Tied For Fastest Pass Ever Thrown At NFL Combine

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From this moment on, we all should’ve known Mahomes was going to be a star. During the NFL Combine, he threw a football 60 miles per hour. That’s tied for the fasted ball ever thrown at the combine. That’s also really difficult to do. Picture driving your car on the highway and how fast it’s going, and that’s the speed Mahomes football was going.

3 Made NFL Record With Eight Consecutive 300 Plus Passing Yard Games

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There was a time where Mahomes seemed unstoppable, even though some fans probably still have that feeling. He went eight consecutive games throwing for over 300 yards. That’s a really good game for quarterbacks, yet to do it consecutively for eight straight weeks. Mahomes makes the impossible seem easy.

2 Youngest Player To Throw Six Touchdown Passes In A Gam

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One day before his 23rd birthday, in his second game as a starter in 2018, Mahomes threw for six touchdown passes against the Steelers. He was 22-years old. How do you even stop a player who can come in and play like that against a veteran team in his first few weeks as a dedicated starting quarterback? He’s a difficult one to stop.

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1 First Starting Quarterback To Start In Super Bowl From University In Texas

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Think about all the great quarterbacks that have gone to school in Texas. You would’ve never expected that the only quarterback from those prestigious universities to start in a Super Bowl would be Patrick Mahomes. Texas is known to be a football state, but unfortunately, quarterbacks from Texas universities haven’t fared well as far as winning NFL championships.

Written by Paul Silano

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