Aerial view of Rome from plane
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18 Stunning Views from the Window Seat

The beverage cart is majestic and all, by why sit in the aisle when you could basically watch an IMAX nature film from the window seat? 

Take a look — and never book the aisle again.

These unmanipulated images from Kost’s window seat help change perspectives and encourage travellers to leave the shades open. In this photo, microorganisms brighten up the San Francisco Bay salt ponds with vibrant colours.PHOTOGRAPH BY JULIEANNE KOST

Mt Fuji from cruising altitude. By Yo Homma

Named for its striking red Aztec sandstone formations, the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada’s oldest and largest park, sits 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas and is a popular hiking and photography destination.PHOTOGRAPH BY JULIEANNE KOST

The colourful rhyolite mountains in Landmannalaugar, located inside Fjallabak Nature Reserve, hide pockets of geothermal hot springs that are open for a relaxing dip. PHOTOGRAPH BY JULIEANNE KOST

A perfect photograph of Mt. Fuji by juliewutw

With three deserts and views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead National Recreation Area became the country’s first congressionally designated National Recreation Area in 1964. PHOTOGRAPH BY JULIEANNE KOST

Hong Kong harbor from on board a Cathay Pacific flight in 2015. Photo by Susmith Gopalan

An ice-cap in Greenland, seen from a 767 en-route to Vancouver. Photo by Graham Light

View coming in to land in Split, Croatia

Aerial view of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach. Hawaii

Flying from San Francisco Airport

View of London from plane

The frozen landscape of a country that is 11 percent ice: Iceland. PHOTOGRAPH BY JULIEANNE KOST

One of the largest saltwater lakes in the western hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake’s salinity levels—nearly four to 10 times the ocean’s—keep swimmers buoyant in its warm, shallow waters. PHOTOGRAPH BY JULIEANNE KOST

Grids of fields in Minnesota, spied on a flight between Nebraska and Baltimore. Photo: Trevor James

Flying over Cleveland, Ohio

Flying over San Diego + The Coronado Bridge

Flying over New York City

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