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15 Facts About Jane Foster, the Next Thor In Thor: Love and Thunder

Who does not know Jane Foster, the character who became Thor’s lover in the first Thor movie and also in the sequel: Thor: The Dark World? Her absence in the third Thor movie has made the Marvel fans miss and curious about her. It turns out that Jane Foster has some surprising facts that might not be known by many people, including Marvel fans who only watch the movie but do not read the comics.

In this article, Dunia Games will talk about facts about Jane Foster that might surprise you. Let’s dig in!

1. Firstly Introduced in 1962

Firstly Introduced in 1962

Jane Foster was introduced in 1962, and she was made as a supporting character. However, until 2014, Jane Foster has now become a character in several Marvel dimensions and even Jane Foster has become one of the important characters in the comics, especially those related to Thor. With the increasing role and her popularity, especially in the MCU, she is rumored to be present in the latest Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder.

2. Jane Foster Once Had Become a Valkyrie

Jane Foster Once Had Become a Valkyrie

In the War of The Realm, there was a war involving all of Asgard’s enemies led by Malekith, where they united to attack Earth and tried to dominate it, but the Asgardian troops, namely the Valkyries, came and hinder them. The war was won by the Valkyries but unfortunately, many victims fell including Brunhilde. Before her passing, Brunhilde’s spirit swore at Jane with the Valkyrie oath and turned her into a Valkyrie.

3. Jane Foster Once Had Become Thor

Jane Foster Once Had Become Thor

In several stories of Marvel comics, Thor has been told as a god who no longer uses Mjolnir but uses a weapon called Jarnbjorn which resembles a battle ax. During the fight with Malekith, a figure suddenly able to lift Thor’s hammer and it turned out to be a woman, and the woman became The Mighty Thor. Many thought that it was Thor’s mother, but eventually, the woman was revealed to be Jane Foster.

4. Once Had Destroyed Mjolnir to Defeat Her Enemy

Once Had Destroyed Mjolnir to Defeat Her Enemy

When Jane became the Female Thor, she once fought against Mangog, a powerful monster, so powerful that Jane had to sacrifice Mjolnir to defeat it. Jane was forced to use Mjolnir’s hammer to defeat Mangog, where the hammer was tied with Mangog and then Mangog and Mjolnir were thrown into the sun. In the end, Mangog and Mjolnir were destroyed together.

5. Once Had Died Temporarily

Once Had Died Temporarily

When Jane became Thor, she had time to give up Mjolnir to be destroyed to defeat Mangog, but the result of her actions actually made Jane’s body also die because her Mjolnir was destroyed. Fortunately, Thor and Odin brought Jane back to life by using the God Storm in Mjolnir, so after that, Jane came back to her senses and only died for a few moments.

6. Odin Was Once Forbid Her Marriage with Thor

Odin Was Once Forbid Her Marriage with Thor

In the 60s, Thor and Jane were told to love each other until their relationship continued to a serious relationship; marriage. However, Odin, Thor’s father, did not agree with his son’s marriage to Jane Foster, it was all because Odin saw Jane as an ordinary human from Earth who could not marry a God from Asgard. Under Odin’s order, Thor had to cancel his marriage.

7. Once Had Become a Goddess

Once Had Become a Goddess

In Thor # 136, Jane was once told to become a Goddess because Thor did it to her power so that she could be side by side with Thor, the God of Thunder. The real reason why Jane became a Goddess was that it was prohibited for humans to marry a God. To obey the rule, Thor made Jane a legitimate Goddess.

8. Once Had Lost Her Memory About Thor

Once Had Lost Her Memory About Thor

The relationship between Thor and Jane is really very difficult, that’s because they are not from the same lineage and planet. One of the biggest obstacles is the fact that there are rules that do not allow humans to coexist with the Gods of Asgard, even as a Goddess, Jane still has to be tested and prove that she deserves to be in Asgard. When tested by Odin, Jane failed and was forced to be returned to Earth and all memories of Thor were erased.

9. Her Love Story is Similar to Lois Lane’s

Her Love Story is Similar to Lois Lane's

Do you agree that Jane Foster’s life is similar to a DC character, Lois Lane? Dunia Games agree about this. Starting from their romantic relationship, the two of them are quite similar, where they both love a powerful “God” and they don’t come from their planet. Although there are many similarities, there are also differences, such as their work and appearances that are different from each other.

10. Jane’s Occupation in the MCU is Different in the Comics

Jane's Occupation in the MCU is Different in the Comics

It turns out that Jane’s occupation in the MCU and in the comics is different. MCU Jane in the Thor movie is an astrophysicist whose work is related to extraterrestrial phenomena which Jane believes to be part of the lives of the Gods in Asgard where Thor is one of those who she believes is real. In the comics, Jane is told to be a nurse who works in a hospital.

11. Jane Once Had Suffered from Cancer

Jane Once Had Suffered from Cancer

Jane’s life is not as beautiful as imagined, as she was once a woman who was quite unlucky. She was told to have a husband and child, and both of them died in a car accident. The bad luck doesn’t just stop there, after her family died, Jane eventually got sick and was diagnosed with breast cancer that changed Jane’s life for the worse.

12. Often Skipping Her Chemotherapy Treatment

Often Skipping Her Chemotherapy Treatment

Jane does have breast cancer, so it’s not surprising that Jane always needs special treatment, and chemotherapy is one of them. However, Jane often and even completely skip her chemotherapy appointments with the doctors due to her duty as a hero, and so often she misses treatment that even the doctors are worried that Jane could really die out there.

13. As Thor, Jane Never Wanted to Reveal Her Identity

As Thor, Jane Never Wanted to Reveal Her Identity

Being the Female Thor, Jane requires to hide her true identity as a superhero. Jane is very strict about her identity as Thor, even with Thor and Odin she really doesn’t want to divulge her secret. Despite being insulted and mistreated by others, Jane prefers to be patient and doesn’t want to use her power as a female Thor to take revenge or hurt others.

14. Not Easily Tricked by Loki

Not Easily Tricked by Loki

Unlike Thor or the other Asgardians, Jane is not easily fooled by Loki’s tricks. Not only smart, Jane is indeed a cautious woman, moreover, she also knows that Loki is the God of Mischief. When she met Loki in several encounters, especially when they first met, Jane could overcome his tricks and not be easily caught by Loki’s traps.

15. Jane Foster’s Actress, Natalie Portman, is an Oscar Winner

Jane Foster's Actress, Natalie Portman, is an Oscar Winner

One of the MCU films that features a famous co-star is Thor, where the actor who plays the titular character, Chris Hemsworth, is a well-known actor, but Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, is no less famous than Chris Hemsworth, where Natalie Portman is Oscar-winning actress for her performance in Black Swan in which she won an Oscar.

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