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13 TikTok Hacks Can Actually Help You Get Through School

Ah, isn’t Tik Tok absolutely wonderful? It’s filled with loads of useful Tik Tok hacks that we didn’t know existed – and they’ve changed our lives!

Tik Tok isn’t just videos of people lip-syncing music videos you know, it’s totes so much more than that now.

Here are the 13 best school hacks that will undoubtedly change your life (and school year).

( For MacBook users if you cannot see TikTok Videos on Safari: Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy and turn “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” OFF )

How to Get Your Backpack Zipper Unstuck

We’ve all been there – you go to get something from your backpack and the zipper is stuck. Fear not! This super simple hack will have it unstuck in no time.

How to Get Digital Copies of Your Notes

If you prefer digital copies of your notes to carry around with you, this super easy iPhone or iPad Notes app hack is perfect for you.

Tips for Online School

If you’re nervous for starting classes or school online, check out this helpful tip from a TikTok-er who’s been there.

The Pomodoro Technique and How to Use It For Studying

Trying to study for hours on end is quite frankly an impossible goal, our brains just aren’t wired that way! Enter the Pomodoro Technique.

How to See More People in Zoom Meetings

Did you know about this? We definitely plan on using it in our next Zoom meeting.

Avoid Art Class Catastrophe

Never worry again about your water cup spilling and ruining your art class masterpiece with this simple hack.

Tips for Homeschoolers

Whether it’s your first year homeschooling or you just need some survival tips, these hacks will come in handy.

Reinvent your Morning Routine

Looking to revamp your morning routine for your 9 a.m. classes?

Track Deadlines Using Excel

If you are not a planner person and you still need a way to stay on top of deadlines in school without relying solely on your Canvas course calendars. This TikTok hack uses a spreadsheet to help you keep track of your homework deadlines. 


watch this. you won’t regret it

♬ original sound – Kamri Noel

How to Study Hard Topics

Hard topics are called hard for a reason. But with this hack you’ll be one step closer to helping your kid understand them!

Super Simple Anxiety Hack

Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of! Now more than ever students are stressed and anxious, so here’s a super simple tip to try if you or your kids suffer from anxiety.

How to Draw the Perfect Circle

These hacks will make life so much easier (and at least a little bit cleaner)!

How to Actually Get Your Mechanical Eraser Out

Yeah . . . we didn’t know how to get them out either.


I thought this was pretty self explanatory but here it is… #foryou #fyp #4upage #4u #pencilhack #lifehack #schoolhacks

♬ Alright by supergrass – Hayden

Drawing on your Calculator

Feeling like DaVinci during your math class?

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