10 Great Movies to Watch With Dad on Father’s Day

If you don’t have your Father’s Day plans all wrapped up yet, consider one of these options that’ll be 100 percent dad approved. 

We’ve rounded up a few of the best films about dads and their kids that are perfect for Father’s Day, with options for movie lovers of all kinds! So, this year, you can share the love with your dad on his special day.

The Rookie

If Dad is a baseball fan, this Dennis Quaid film is a great pick for Father’s Day. It’s based on the true story of Jim Morris. A shoulder injury derailed Morris’ shot at the big leagues. Fast-forward 12 years, and he’s a high school chemistry teacher, baseball coach, husband, and dad. When his players realize Coach Morris still has quite the fastball, they make him a deal: If the struggling team wins the district championship, he goes to a major league tryout. Does he make it? You’ll just have to watch on Father’s Day to find out.

Where to Stream: Disney +

About Time

The time-traveling love story between Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams is the featured attraction in this sweet and clever romance from the creator of “Love Actually.” But while that’s all nice and cute and charming, what’ll really get your tear ducts to turn on the faucet is the relationship between Gleeson’s Tim and his fellow time-traveler father who teaches him about their peculiar timeline-hopping family gift and eventually teaches him about the value of life and living in each moment. Sure, it’s a love story, but the most lovely material in “About Time,” the stuff that’ll really hit the heart, is about these two. 

Where to Stream: Netflix

The Trial of the Chicago Seven

If your dad’s a history buff, this dramatic take on the 1969 trial of anti-Vietnam War protestors at the Chicago Democratic National Convention will be right up his alley—but this much-nominated drama with an all-star cast will also appeal to dads who love a little drama

Where to Stream: Netflix


A perfect family-friendly movie that you just might need a box of tissues for is Onward. This is the story of two elf brothers and their supernatural quest to spend one last day with their late dad. The animated, action-adventure story features a well-known lineup of voice-overs, including Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It’s touching and a wonderful movie to watch as a family.

Where to Stream: Disney +

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Christmas in June? Why not? The Vacation movies all feature Chevy Chase as the loving (and always bumbling) family man—and there’s a reason this flick is on heavy rotation during the holiday season.

Where to Stream: Netflix

Big Fish

This fantastical tale of a man who likes to tell tall tales himself is equal parts emotional and darkly funny. The strained relationship between an ailing father using larger-than-life stories to connect with his son is a heartbreakingly timeless and beautiful showcase of acting brilliance, helmed by a master of fantastical realism, Tim Burton.

Where to Stream: HBO Max

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Does it get any better than watching Harrison Ford, playing one of his most iconic characters, fight Nazis alongside his somehow Scottish father, played by the incomparable Sean Connery? The answer is: No, it does not.

Where to Stream: Netflix

The Lion King

There are few on-screen father-son relationships more iconic than that of Simba and Mufasa in Disney’s animated 1994 classic. Sure, the stampede scene might be tough to watch with your dad, but the fact that it’s so painful is just evidence of how amazing their bond was. Plus, he comes back as a cloud ghost, so it’s not all tragic.

Where to Stream: Disney +


Bruce Willis stars as Harry Stamper, a deep sea oil driller who is tasked by NASA to assemble a team and head into space to plant a bomb on a world-threatening meteor. Is this Michael Bay sci-fi disaster flick a classic? Maybe not. However, the relationship between Harry and his daughter, Grace (Liv Tyler), is emotional and tragic enough to tug on the heartstrings more than you might expect.

Where to Stream: Fubo TV

Mrs. Doubtfire

When mercurial actor Daniel (Robin Williams) gets divorced from wife Miranda (Sally Field), he goes to great lengths to stay close to his three young kids — specifically, he dresses up like an old, Scottish nanny/housekeeper and gets a job working for his ex. In retrospect, there are probably better ways for him to handle the situation, but the film serves as a perfect showcase for Williams’ frenetic comedy style and is a classic for a reason.

Where to Stream: Disney +

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