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10 Biggest Burning Questions We Have After Watching Spider-Man: No Way Home

After watching the film twice, we were nevertheless left with some big questions that had us asking “WTH?”…

These are the biggest ones we hope future sequels of Spiderman would answer.

Has the entire universe forgotten Peter Parker? What about the Avengers?

No Way Home devastatingly ends with Doctor Strange fixing the entire multiverse by making everyone forget who Peter Parker is. Though it’s made incredibly clear that nobody on Earth knows who Peter is, does the spell actually extend to the entire universe?

What about Thor, Captain Marvel, Nick Fury and the Guardians of the Galaxy were all presumably far far away deep in space at the time as well, if the spell is limited to Earth than they would also all remember who Peter is. If no a single avenger remembers Peter Parker does it mean he is not longer an avenger?

Who Were The Figures In The Multiverse Rift?

In No Way Home’s final battle, We see purple cracks forming in the dark New York City sky as Doctor Strange is trying to hold the multiversal rift together with his powers, “They’re starting to come through… and I can’t stop them!”Doctor Strange’s said.

The shapes of the people are hard to make out, but there’s a moment where the camera lingers on the emerging shape of a guy with a spear, who could very well be Kraven the Hunter, who is one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies in the comics.

So is this could be Sony’s way of laying the groundwork for his arrival and the rest of the sinister Six?

Why doesn’t Peter of the MCU mention Uncle Ben?

Despite playing an integral part of Spider-Man’s origin, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never actually mentioned Uncle Ben by name. There have been references made to the character here and there. Peter mentions Aunt May having “gone through a lot” in Civil War and his initials are on a suitcase in Far From Home but that’s about it.

Did Uncle Ben die before Peter was born?

Why is Electro and Venom Even Summoned in the First Place?

In the movie, Doctor Strange explains that his spell, which was supposed to make everyone in the world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, has instead summoned people from other worlds who already know Peter Parker is Spider-Man. While this explains the arrival of Doc Ock, the Goblin, Sandman and the Lizard, all of whom learned Peter was Spider-Man in their original appearances but does not account for Electro’s presence or Venom.

Electro never learned Spider-Man’s true identity in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and there is no proof Eddie Brock knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, so both should not have been affected by Doctor Strange’s spell.

Who is funding J.J. Jameson’s conspiracy site? (Alex Jones?)

On Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s universe, J.J. Jameson has traded in the newspaper for a live streaming channel. He’s a loud thorn in Spider-Man’s side, rubbing salt in Spidey’s wounds when the web-slinger suffers his greatest losses yet.

How can J. Jonah Jameson from the MCU afford both a helicopter and a news truck for a website? Who is funding this man’s conspiracy website? Are Mysterio’s supporters flowing plenty of cash into J.J. Jameson bank account? Is J.J. Jameson bombarding his supporters with conspiracy-mongering demands for more money? (sounds pretty familiar to a former President right?)

Will Ned Leeds Become the Hobgoblin?

In the MCU, Ned has been portrayed thus far as Peter Parker BFF and high school classmate. His comic book counterpart, on the other hand, had a much different backstory. Ned, who was a journalist and the husband of Betty Brant, was revealed at one point to be the villainous Hobgoblin, a prominent figure in Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery.

At one point during the film, Ned tells Peter that he’ll never turn into a supervillain and try to kill him…never say never? We believe he will get trained by Doctor Stranger in the future but what is he goes insane and becomes a dangerous foe of his universe’s Spider-Man.

Why were the villains still young when the Peters were older?

Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus are the same age as when they were killed in Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, respectively. Alfred Molina – who plays Otto Octavius – is even de-aged using CGI. Conversely, Maguire’s Peter Parker has aged appropriately as the actor has gotten older. Advertisement

Why? This comes down to the idea that the villains were snapped up from their universes just before they die. This version of Doctor Octopus is, for instance, taken from moments before his final death in Spider-Man 2, when he has one of his metal hands around Maguire’s Parker’s neck. Norman Osborne, meanwhile, is taken from just before he impales himself using his own glider in Spider-Man. However, Maguire’s Parker seemingly comes from the current moment as he has not died and is just living out his life post-Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Garfield’s Parker is also taken from the current moment just on an alternate timeline. Hence why they have aged, while the villains were frozen in time from the moment before they died.

Does Curing Spider-Man’s Villains Bring More Trouble Regarding The Space-Time Continuum?

All three versions of Spider-Man — Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield — work together to find cures for each of their villains, who are clamoring to fight with the web-slingers and obtain more power than before. After battling the villains, Spider-Man and his allies successfully cure Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, and the Lizard, turning them back into the non-altered humans they were before and send them back to their own universe. While it all seems a happy ending for everyone, changing any destined moment could bring more trouble to the timeline and create nexus events with catastrophic consequences.

Why didn’t Toby’s Spider-Man warn him?

Yes, he has been stabbed before, and certainly he has been around for years, but Peter 2’s Spider Sense warns how the Green Goblins are trying to stab him behind. Didn’t you? Tom Holland’s “Peter Tingle” may be even sharper, as it disappeared just because Norman was thinking of causing trouble. You would think that preparing Norman to stab someone would provoke an equally dramatic reaction to the imminent danger. (Furthermore, why didn’t Peter 1’s Spider-Man warn him? The goblins plunge into the MJ, even though it works well enough to warn Norman that he’s thinking badly. Why did you knock him out of saving?)

How is Peter finally paying?

From the coffee he got from MJ to the rent of a new apartment, Peter Parker basically doesn’t exist anymore, so how can you pay? He has no identity and no one knows or remembers him. Aunt May’s life insurance? How does it work if he is essentially erased (or if he is a grandfather because she was already dead by the time the spell was cast)? Peter Parker’s ability to earn money was already dissatisfied with cartoons living as freelance news photographers in New York City as well, but at least Peter Parker’s ability to make a living for him. Had an established identity that gave.

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