Teen Kid News Creator Receives Award

Teen Kids News Creator Receives Mark Twain Award

Albert Primo, Teen Kids News Creator & Co-Executive Producer and the man responsible for creating the original Eyewitness News format in 1968, was honored yet again.

Last week, Primo got the latest of his career achievements–the Mark Twain Award for Distinguished Journalism from the Connecticut Press Club.

“It’s always a special honor to be recognized by fellow journalists,” Mr. Primo said.

As part of his speech May 10 at the Norwalk Shore and Country Club, Primo gave a Top 10 list for making it in the business.

Here’s a portion of the list:

  1. Humility…It’s not just all about you
  2. Remember the people who got you to the top
  3. Youth has no fear…stay young

Click here for an interview with Al Primo about Teen Kids News.

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