"Unbeautiful" Poem

"Unbeautiful" Poem

By Kylia T. (age: 14)

Feeling unbeautiful
Is a feeling I have had before
I understand how it feels
Having a different skin tone
Others think lighter skin is more beautiful than having darker
That is not true

My response to this video
Is that is it very inspiring
Having someone with a dark skin tone
Reaching out to little girls who feel worthless and unbeautiful
She is a great inspiration
She is a fierce and intelligent woman
Who is showing that we have a chance to be known for great things

Putting on makeup doesn't make you beautiful or gorgeous
Being able to look in the mirror and say you love yourself is better
Make up destroys your skin
Don't do it

Me myself I like I don't need it but I does enhance a little
I used to be very insecure about myself
But now I do have the boost to say I am beautiful
And believe it
Every now and then I do get insecure about myself
But I still feel that inner beauty inside
Your fat
She is so ugly
Ugh her face
Her smile is horrid
The way she walks
Her actions
These are my insecurities
People used to say to me
This is what made me insecure
But I knew my personality was great

It was just the external part of myself
That made people even strangers
Think about me

I used to cry every night cause of these words
My inner self was torn or was breaking down slowly
I had to gather all the strength to make it to the next day
I know now that I may be some of these things
But not all

Be brave is what she is saying
Don't let insecurities get to yourself
You are beautiful
Inside and Outside
Feeling unbeautiful
Isn't necessary
And let that be known
Let it drip from your pores
That you yourself
Are beautiful