NCAA BasketBall - "March Madness" Bracket History

NCAA BasketBall - "March Madness" Bracket History

Michael C. (age, 17)

Every March, more than 60 NCAA Basketball teams get together and compete to say that they are the best College Basketball team in the nation. Since 1931, teams play all year to earn a spot in this "March Madness" tournament. The bracket is divided into 4 regions, and each region has 1 through 16 seeds. Seeds are the rankings that the teams are given based on their record and ranking. 1 seeds play 16 seeds, 2 seeds play 15 seeds, 3 seeds play 14 seeds, and so on.

One of the great things about "March Madness" is getting to see all the great sleeper teams (team that is not expected to do well that makes a run in the tournament) that make runs in the tournament. In the 74 years of March Madness tournaments:

  • A 16 seed has never beat a 1 seed.
  • Seven 15 seeds have defeated 2 seeds. Florida Gulf Coast (in 2013) became the first 15 seed to win its second round game and advance to the Sweet 16 (final 16 teams left in the tournament).
  • There have only been two 14 seeds to make it to the Sweet 16. The last one to do it was UT-Chattanooga in 1997. Both teams lost their next games however.
  • While there have been twenty 12 seeds to make it to the sweet sixteen, only one of those teams (Missouri in 2002) have advanced to the Elite Eight.
  • There have been three 11 seeds to advance to the Final Four. The most recent was the 2011 Virginia Commonwealth team. They defeated the one seed Kansas.