Is Grand Theft Auto Okay?

Is Grand Theft Auto Okay?

Note: Grand Theft Auto V was the best-selling video game in 2013 earning earning $800 million within 24 hours and $1 billion within three days. It put an end to the Call of Duty series' four-year run as the best-seller.

By Joey B.

Does “Grand Theft Auto Five” cause violence for teens? Yes, I do believe that "Grand Theft Auto Five" does. To start off, there is a very large amount of violence in the game, such as bank robberies, heists, gang violence and so much more. This game is full of strong language throughout (it’s in just about every mission and they use just about every word in the book).

I believe that “Grand Theft Auto Five” can give teens negative thoughts. It gives them ideas to heist. It makes them think that bad behaviors are good.

“Grand Theft Auto Five” has a ton of robberies. In the game, you can rob stores, people, and even banks at gunpoint. It seems very realistic when you rob these stores in the game, which makes it easy to learn the pros and cons of robbing stores and banks. It’s like the game teaches you the best way to do robberies.

“Grand Theft Auto Five” also has a ton of gang violence. For example, if you ride through some of the streets in the game, you may get thrown out of your car, beat up or even shot by gang members. Every gang wears a different color. Just about half of the neighborhoods are full of gangs. This game makes fun of gangs, but also makes gangs and violence seem cool. This could encourage teens to join or even host gangs.
I have the game. Personally, I think that the game is very fun, but this does not change the fact that it could lead to teen violence.

Still, teens like this game for many reasons. For one, the game’s hype is very large. I don’t know of anyone’s parents or guardians that like them playing this game. But, I think teens play “Grand Theft Auto” because it is fun.

I play it because it is fun and violent. But I do believe that “Grand Theft Auto Five” has some type of impact on my life. I think that sometimes it gives me negative thoughts and flashes. I try to ignore these thoughts, but if they really starts to get to me, I will usually do something as simple as sitting alone by myself to help clear my head. Sometimes I just need to take a break.

Although there is a certain age that you have to be to purchase "Grand Theft Auto Five" (Editor’s note: The game is rated M for Mature and is intended for ages 17 and up), it doesn’t mean that parents can’t purchase it and give it to their teens. Older teens probably buy it for their younger friends, too.

All in all, “Grand Theft Auto Five” is not a game that teens should be involved with. Yes, it is fun! But, it is also very violent, especially for young teens. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before something happens in a neighborhood that is similar to this game because teens follow in the game’s footsteps.