Scientists Need Kids Help!

Scientists Need Kids Help!

Calling all middle school students: scientists need your help! We’re giving you the chance to grade science projects created by real scientists.

The Ocean 180 Video Challenge is a contest for ocean scientists to create a 3 minute video explaining their research. The scientists who can best explain the importance and results of their research will win $9,000 in cash prizes, and it’s up to 6th-8th grade students to pick the winners.

Last year, over 30,000 students participated on our student judging team. They were responsible for evaluating the videos and sending comments directly to the scientists, helping them become better at explaining and sharing their research.

Want to help scientists become better at communicating their research? Starting on July 22, your teacher sign can your class up for the Ocean 180 Video Challenge student judging team! In January, your class will be able to view the top 10 entries and vote for your favorites.

Go to to learn more and to see the student judging team and winners from last year!!

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