Join Shawn Mendes to Combat Low Self-Esteem & Spread LOVE!

Join Shawn Mendes to Combat Low Self-Esteem & Spread LOVE!

Did you know that one of the most common causes of self-injury is low self-esteem? That means that one of the reasons young people choose to inflict hurt on themselves is because they feel badly about themselves. And guess what? Over 40% of young people know someone close to them who has done it. That's a pretty shocking statistic.

Shawn Mendes wants to combat this statistic and prove it wrong. Since one proven way of doing so is to dole out positive messages to improve self-esteem (and decrease other damaging, destructive thoughts), Shawn is partnering with

Shawn's campaign, called Notes From Shawn, strives to spread positivity to young people everywhere. The best part is YOU can participate, too! Join Shawn by secretly posting encouraging#NotesFromShawn anywhere you like. Just one note can help someone, brighten their day, or even save their life.

From now until September 30th, fans can sign up at or by texting MENDES to 38383. After signing up, you'll receive an EXCLUSIVE selfie from Shawn, featuring his self-empowering note. Not to mention, if you download the Blend app and share your note with the hashtag #NotesFromShawn, $1 will be automatically donated to

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