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Web Link Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

Sadly, everyone who cares for a pet will one day face the illness, old age or passing of their beloved animal friend. It is as natural and necessary to grieve for the loss of a pet as it is for any loved one who dies. And it is important to have compassion and support in one's time of grief. The ASPCA is here to help—they have several resources to assist you and your loved ones during this difficult time.


Web Link Pet Partners - Helping People through Animals

Pet Partners is a non-profit organization that helps people live healthier and happier lives by incorporating therapy, service and companion animals into their lives.  Pet Partners' therapy animal program trains volunteers and evaluates volunteers with their pets so they can visit patients/clients in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and physical therapy centers, schools, libraries and many other facilities. Over 11,000 handler/animal teams bring joy, comfort and compassion to those in need.


Web Link Global Shark Tracking

You can visit OCEARCH's website and track different sharks movement around the world. OCEARCH is a profit organization aimed at leading scientists and the public learn move about this import creature.


Web Link Dog Gurus

Susan Briggs and Robin Bennett are authors, consultants, and experts on dogs! They have been “reading dogs,”  body language, teaching families how to train dogs, and working in the pet care industry helping others keep dogs safe for over 20 years.