"Part of the reason I wanted to build the roller coast is I wanted to see if it was something I wanted to do with my life," said Nathan Rubin.

The two students got mentors from Six Flags, persuaded Nathan's mom to let them use land on the side of the house and gathered $1,000 from local stores and The Home Depot. Many months of hard work, a few scratches and a lot of math later, suddenly there it was - a functioning roller coaster.

Not many people accomplish such a feat, said Mark Cole, president of American Coaster Enthusiasts, who can count only a handful of other backyard roller coasters. Building this roller coaster has earned Nathan several college scholarships, but he says this ride is just the beginning.

"Don't know if I'll build another one in my backyard, but hopefully the next one will be at Six Flags," he said.

Watch the video for more information and to see the roller coaster in action.