Meet Chiara de Blasio, the New First Daughter of New York City

Meet Chiara de Blasio, the New First Daughter of New York City


 Julia Rubin of Teen Vogue wrote of Chiara Blasio, "The college sophomore is on winter break from her college in northern California, though instead of spending the next few weeks catching up on sleep and relaxing in her parents' house in Brooklyn's Park Slope, she's got a decidedly busier agenda: Just last month, her dad, Bill de Blasio, was elected mayor of New York City.

This isn't the first we've seen of Chiara, who became a bit of an overnight sensation when she donned a flower crown from Urban Outfitters to celebrate her dad's primary win back in September. For many it was more than just an accessory: It was a refreshing departure from the playing-it-safe public personas we usually see from young women in the political spotlight. Chiara looks like someone you'd hang out with in real life—and she's not going to change just because the whole world is watching her."

Being the first-daughter-to-be means Chiara's in a position to make some waves of her own, as evidenced by the powerfully candid video she just released about her struggles with depression and drug and alcohol abuse."

Here is her video:


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