National Ice Cream Month: Here's the Scoop

National Ice Cream Month: Here's the Scoop
                              Fun Facts

Of all places, Alaska is the U.S. state that consumes the most ice cream per capita

The most popular topping for ice cream is chocolate syrup

It takes about 50 licks to finish off a single scoop ice cream cone

The biggest ice cream sundae in history was made in Canada and weighed 24 tons

The origin of the ice cream cone is linked to the 1904 World's Fair when an ice cream vendor had no cups left for serving. He decided to team up with a waffle vendor who decided to roll his waffles into cones.

July is National ice cream month! And in America, we consume more ice cream than any other nation in the world: an average of 48 pints per person, per year! Yes, we love our ice cream, and now there is a month that recognizes our favorite frozen desert.

Early on, the desert was largely enjoyed by royalty and other members of the elite. Ice was very difficult to obtain in the early days and even harder to store. Roman and Japanese emperors once dispatched "ice runners" to fetch them ice and mix it with various ingredients from fruit, to honey, to saffron and rose petals! These exotic ices became wildly popular in European courts and eventually evolved into sorbet and later the kind of ice cream that we know today.

Ice cream traveled across the Atlantic to America with the first British settlers. Their interesting recipes were adopted and enjoyed by our nation's first leaders. According to early record, George Washington spent about $200 on ice cream in the summer of 1790. Thomas Jefferson actually studied the art of ice cream making in France! Even still, producing ice cream was a laborious process for chefs that required hours of mixing and churning by hand, but the desire for the treat among the masses was skyrocketing...

As the technology advanced in the "ice cream age" of the 1800's, it became more available to the urban population. Immigrants coming to America became street vendors selling it on what was considered the first ice cream trucks. They often served the ice cream in glasses that were licked clean by costumers and then given back to reuse a few minutes later! The ice cream sandwich was one of the most popular forms of this quickly changing street treat.

Ice cream makers have always been innovative with their flavors. According to the National Ice Cream retailers Association, the number 1 selling flavor is:

  1. Vanilla

Other top flavors include:

  • Chocolate
  • Cookies N' Cream
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Cookie Dough
  • Butter Pecan

But some flavors are a little more unique and unorthodox like:

  • Honey Jalapeno Pickle
  • Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel
  • Creamed Cod
  • Wildberry Lavender
  • Basil Avocado

So get out there on these hot summer days and cool off with this sweet treat! Whether it's a lobster flavored scoop or cookies and cream, do whatever "wows" your taste buds. No one's judging! Stay cool and happy eating!

TKN Reporter Eric