TKN Reporter - Kristina

Hi, my name is Kristina.

Volunteerism has played a very important role in my life. I have volunteered for many different organizations and charities since early childhood. I initiated the Our Young Stars program; and visited and distributed stuffed animals and books to pediatric patents at hospitals that could not go home for the holidays on Christmas Day.

My first language was Armenian. I am fluent in both English and Armenian and am currently enrolled in Honors Spanish 4 with the intention of becoming fluent in a third language. I am a recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze and Silver Level Award. I traveled to Tennessee in May to interview HRH Edward, The Earl of Wessex, about the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, which was one of my favorite reports.

I have been training in dance, piano, acting, and voice for many years. I have been in many community and professional theatre productions - but, playing the piano is my passion and was privileged to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

I won the title of Miss Massachusetts' Outstanding Teen 2013 and am using that title to spread awareness through my platform entitled Food Is Not A Privilege, It Is A Right ~ Fighting Hunger Today. My year of service is devoted to educating and spreading awareness of the problem of hunger in our communities. I advocate for local food banks and raised funds and food donations through initiatives I have created such as Music for Food.  My future plans are to graduate from high school and then attend college where I will major in broadcasting.

My favorite thing about reporting is that I love to bring teen news to you and your families. I am so thankful to have this opportunity. Ultimately, I hope to receive my PhD in Communications. My career ambition is to become a Sports Broadcast Journalist.