TKN Reporter - Bryce


 Bryce PhotoHi everyone! Thanks for logging on to Teen Kids News. My name is Bryce. I’m a senior this year.

At age seven, I attended summer camp. At the time, my camp counselor, Kacey, was a college student studying Broadcast Journalism. Through a simple conversation with her, I became interested in journalism. Since then, we’ve kept in contact and followed each other’s reporting! 

Aside from TKN, I stay involved with activities in my high school, which has a population of more than 2,000. I’m Assembly Coordinator for the ASB, the Online Editor of my school’s nationally-recognized newspaper, the Student Director of musical productions in the high school, and an intern at a local radio station. It all keeps me very busy!

I became an Online Reporter in 2012. Since then, the experience has just gotten better! From the halls of Arizona State University, to the stalls of a horse corral, different stories that I have covered are varied in subject matter. It’s always great when I get to report on “We Day” (you should check it out!), but my most recent series on Crazy Cool Careers was a favorite because of the wide-spread careers and the “light and fun” aspect of them.

Working with TKN has taught me many things. From “jump cuts” to “buffers”, I’m always learning new television vocabulary. I have come to realize that a story is never complete without the story or input of a human. TKN has taught me better ways to present myself on camera and a lot of editing tricks to take the reports to the next level.

Thanks for finding out more about me, remember to watch TKN, and check out our reports online! Have a great day!

Note: We at Teen Kids News wanted to add that Bryce recently won an Outstanding Journalist Award! Congratulations to Bryce!