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Like a true Sagittarian, for Alexa no stage is above reproach. Acting is Alexa’s    passion-- since nine years old, she has appeared in countless plays and musicals ranging from a simple school play to a spectacular long running off Broadway production.  She was a lead actor in nationally televised Best Buy Television commercial; in a supporting role as a musician on an episode of SNL with Andy Samberg and Bill Hader, in numerous educational documentaries reporting on topics ranging from bullying, flirting, and anger management ; and played Little Girl, in the award winning play “Ragtime.”  Alexa has even delved into the challenging world of stand up comedy and twice performed at New York’s nationally renowned “Gotham Comedy Club.”

Currently, Alexa has the privilege of utilizing her acting skills and diverse experiences from various performing arts genres to execute her important assignments as reporter for Teen Kids News.  For example, as a journalist, she is afforded the opportunity perform her reporting assignments by combining her inquisitive appetite with an engaging and exciting approach (a technique which she developed through her stand-up comedy experience). Her favorite assignment was reporting on the nationally renowned UniverSoul Circus. There she had a blast interviewing Zeke, a performer in the Circus, a showgirl from the West Indies, and an elephant!

Alexa also enjoys learning about organizations, programs, and activities that have a profound daily impact the public and especially her teenage peers. This passion was utilized when she reported on the internationally famous and respected organization, The Red Cross. Alexa reported on all aspects of this wonderful organization from its origin to its most important goals.  She was intrigued to learn about the Red Cross’s incredibly effective technique of maintaining confidentiality in order to enter prison camps to ensure that the prisoner’s Geneva rights are preserved.   

Alexa’s has been a writer for her school newspaper for four years and has written multiple articles per issue. Some of her recent articles were about the Pros and Perils of same sex education and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s opening of 78 public schools. As a writer for the newspaper and a reporter for Teen Kids New, she enjoys interviewing kids and professionals because she is fascinated by others’ accomplishments, thought processes, and opinions. Alexa’s favored subjects in school are English, because she enjoys reading and analyzing literature, and Science, because she loves learning why the universe around her works the way it does both on a molecular and macroscopic level. Alexa also loves to read Science Fiction and magical realism books as well as writing sort stories and plays. Some of the books she highly recommends in these areas are The Andromeda Strain, The House of the Spirits, and The Book Thief.