TKN Reporter - Scott




Hey thanks for checking me out! My name's Scott and I have been a reporter on Teen Kids News for a few years now. My curiosity is what really drives me to get the next big story due to my want to experience and learn more about the world. My favorite part about the job is the amount of interesting things I get to do and see when I'm in the field or even from watching my fellow reporters on TV at home. But besides just reporting I also love acting. In my upcoming junior year of school I intend on pursuing my acting career by auditioning for the roles in the high school plays.  

Alongside acting I also play the clarinet. But outside of any sort of performing either musically or dramatically I also preform for my community as a member of the Boy Scouts of America. I am currently closing in on receiving the highest honor a scout can by completing my Eagle Scout project.

I am proud to be part of bringing people the news like other people in my family. My Uncle, Don Lark, is the weekend anchor for WTNH New Haven. My mom, Noreen, was a producer at Eyewitness News and is now at WPIX News and my father, Kevin, was a radio newscaster at NBC News, 1010 WINS and WQXR.  My family loves news! But enough about me keep watching TKN!