TKN Reporter - Veronique

Hi, I’m Veronique and I am currently in 9th grade. 

In school,  I participate in winter and spring track, drama and various clubs such as Angels over Africa, Angels for Animals and Powerback. Angels over Africa helps to gain awareness about the poverty in Africa and helps raise money for charity. Powerback is a club that focuses on dating abuse, how to identify it and how to prevent it. Some of my favorite classes are math and science. 

Outside of school, I enjoy hanging with friends, babysitting and performing. Since the age of six, I have been in the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus and have performed in various operas. My favorite opera was Carmen, in which I performed four times. I also was a counselor at my middle school's summer camp. I enjoyed playing with the kids and plan on doing it next summer. 

I love going on vacation, playing with my dog and spending time with my family. I have traveled to many countries around the world but of them all, Thailand was my favorite. I loved the food and I had a great time with my family and friends. I have also been to a small island off of Africa called Lamu. While there I got to visit an orphanage and interact with the children. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Some of my other favorite countries are Panama, Italy and I also love visiting my family and friends in Belgium. 

Being a TKN reporter has been a great experience. The stories that have been reported on are intriguing and it's so exciting that I get to share these stories with others through TKN.