TKN Reporter - Harry


 TKN Reporter HarryThe best part for me about being a TKN reporter is the chance to always learn something new. It’s also pretty cool to meet kids around my own age who are doing amazing things. I got to go backstage and meet the actors of the Broadway hit Newsies. Journalism is about finding out important and interesting facts and letting other people know what you have learned.  I think that sounds like a great job!

The other thing I have really enjoyed about reporting for TKN is the chance to work on my speaking skills and gaining more confidence. I am going into my junior year of high school and am really into debate. Debate has turned out to be one of my favorite activities because you have to think quickly. I also love researching facts and putting together a persuasive argument. Debate requires a lot of strategy which is probably another reason I like it so much.

Though I played soccer for years I really always preferred football. Finally last year I made the switch and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. No offense to any other sport, but football is the best sport out there! For me it is not only the strategy of the game but also the sense of team work, camaraderie and just sheer fun that I really like. I get to play wide receiver and I am also the kicker. When the pressure is on I really try to stay calm and focused.

I am involved in my schools Green Team and have worked to get an electronic waste recycling program going. This coming year will be the third where we get the school and our community partners to recycle old e-waste to keep it out of landfills and from going overseas. This year I am hoping to recycle 3 tons.

In school, I like every subject but my favorite by far is history. Even out of school I find myself gravitating toward reading history books. But I love reading in general. I have challenged myself to read the top 100 novels of all time. I am on number 10—so still a long way to go but I am determined to get through them all. I also like hanging out with my friends, playing computer games, and going on family vacations.

I live with my mom and dad and my identical twin sisters, Ruby and Lucy.  We are still working on convincing my parents to let us get a dog. If that ever happens, it will be big news. In the meantime I hope you will stay tuned and catch the show!