TKN Reporter - Christina


 Hi Everybody,


 I am 17 years old and going into my senior year of high school in a small town in New Jersey. I absolutely love being on Teen Kids News and find all the stories very interesting because they report on all the things I enjoy hearing about. My favorite thing to report on is the nutrition segments because I know how important eating healthy is for everyone.

I have two brothers, my older brother is Brandon and my younger one is Sean. I absolutely love animals and have two of the cutest miniature Golden Retrievers named Bailey and Bella.

Since the sixth grade I’ve loved spending my summers volunteering. I’ve been to Guatemala twice to help renovate and teach at a children’s school in El Oratorio and bring food and supplies to children who live at a dump in the town of Zacapa. I’ve also volunteered at a children’s home in Belize City, helped renovate children’s parks in inner city Detroit and volunteered at a ranch for Autistic kids in Ohio.

I am a total bookworm and love being super involved at school. I am president of the Sports Broadcast Network, president of Mock Trial, a Model United Nations delegate, school Ambassador and a writer for the school newspaper.

I also love to run and am a sprinter for the varsity track team and an outside hitter for the varsity volleyball team.

My ultimate dream is to one day be an international broadcast journalist and be able to take my camera crew back to all the countries I’ve volunteered to help show the world the conditions these children live in.