TKN Reporter - Brandon

 Hi everyone! I’m Brandon. Journalism is my life! Ever since I was about five, I have loved watching the news. I love to learn new things and I also like to share the information that I’ve learned. My idol is Oprah Winfrey. It has always been a dream of mine to be on TV to either entertain or inform. I think Oprah helped me see that I could do both.

I auditioned for Teen Kids News twice, once in the online reporter contest and the other in person at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. A few weeks after my second audition, Teen Kids News contacted me and said they wanted to work with me. That’s where my television career began. Being a reporter is so much fun! I get to do so many fun and interesting stories, but the real thrill is being able to interact with you, the viewers!

I love music too! My playlist is very diverse. One minute I could be listening to Beyoncé, and the next minute it could be Sugarland! I recently learned how to play the tenor saxophone and now I play it in my school band.

Thank you all for watching Teen Kids News. You are all the most important part of the show!