TKN Reporter - Isabel

Hi everyone, I'm Isabel and I'm a 17 year old senior in high school. I am so excited to be working with Teen Kids News. I love that the show gives young adults the opportunity to become involved in the world around them, both from a reporting and viewing standpoint. I've learned so much from reporting the "Click This" segments, where I talk about interesting and helpful websites for teens.

I have always wanted to work in journalism and broadcasting, so being involved with TKN is a great experience for me. I've worked on my high school paper for three years, starting as a reporter, then becoming news editor and finally Editor-In-Chief this year. I also studied journalism at Columbia University over the summer to further my learning on the subject. I've always found journalism to be interesting because I think it's important to be aware of the world around you.

Besides journalism, I also act professionally with my agency in New York City, and have done TV commercial work, radio and animation voice overs, and stage productions. Acting is my favorite past time, so to be able to combine my love of journalism with being on camera makes broadcasting the perfect combination.

In school, besides my journalism and English classes, I also love studying Spanish. I've been studying Spanish since the 6th grade and am working towards becoming fluent. I also lived in Argentina for a month to hone my language skills, which was super fun. I'm sure speaking Spanish will be useful if I want to be an international reporter or journalist one day!

Other than journalism, acting, and Spanish, I like hanging out with my friends. I live in a small town in Connecticut with my parents and my two pets. I also like participating in school musicals and plays, skiing, and traveling. I hope this helped you know more about me! Thanks for watching!