TKN Reporter - Monika

My name is Monika and I am from the Washington D.C area. I have moved around the world, living in Iceland, Norway and Bolivia. I have really enjoyed my experience with Teen Kids News and have liked it so much that I am studying Broadcast Journalism.

My hobbies include theater and chorus, which I participated in all throughout high school. I also anchored my high school television announcement show, which was fun and a great experience! 

I have always been a big television watcher and it is my dream one day to be on television providing viewers with the same information that inspires me. I am interested in News and Entertainment News. 

With Teen Kids News I have been able to try reporting, street interviews, and more. My favorite report with Teen Kids News was one on the Red Cross that I reported from Washington D.C. It was a terrific experience and I hope to learn more from Teen Kids News in the future!