TKN Reporter - Carly


I live in Fort Mill, South Carolina. I have been a Reporter for TEEN KIDS NEWS for 3 years. I love everything about TV Production! My Mom was a CNN Producer and Freelance Producer and used to take me with her on some of her TV shoots when I was little. I have Anchored my school news since I was in the 6th grade and have worked as an Anchor and Reporter for 2 local TV shows in Charlotte, NC.  Next year when I am a Senior in High School, I will be the Producer of my school news program.

 I am the President of the Interscholastic Press Association representing 15 states and District of Columbia. I was also the Charlotte Observer's Young Achiever in 2012.

 When I am not on TV, I am dancing!  I have been on the Varsity Dance Team at my school every year. 

 I have a younger Brother and Sister, Ryan and Sarah, 12 who are Twins.

 I love being on TEEN KIDS NEWS!  It is the perfect show to help me pursue my passion for broadcast journalism and I hope to inspire others!