TKN Reporter - Hannah

Hannah photo

Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm seventeen years old. My twin sister Cailin and I both plan to study broadcast journalism in college.

When we first started working with Teen Kids News, we reported on topics such as Earth Day, Autism, The Battle of Gettysburg, and even a creepy haunted doll from Key West. Since then, we've expanded and started doing entertainment reporting. We've covered awards shows, movie premieres, concerts, and even Season 8 of America's Got Talent. I love all aspects of reporting, and am always looking to try new things!

This year in school I am taking AP Psychology, and that is my favorite class. I love learning about how the mind works and why people do the things that they do. Last year, I took a class called TV Productions, which I really enjoyed as well. I also like English!

I love interviewing people because you learn so many new things that you can't just find by searching online. Recently, a friend from school said to me, "You ask a lot of questions, don't you?" I guess I'm always interviewing people. Why wait until you have a microphone in your hand to do what you love?

When we're not reporting, you'll probably find my sister and I roaming around the neighborhood on our neon pink and green scooters.

Thank you for reading my bio and I hope you check back often so you don't miss future reports. I know I'm always looking for the next big story to share with you!"


Here is a link to my new book, The Twin Connection, which I co-wrote with my sister. It's about our adventures and misadventures growing up as twins, and is filled with stories that any teen can relate to, twin or not!"