TKN Reporter - Cailin

Cailin photo

My name is Cailin, and I'm seventeen years old.  Ever since I was little, I have had a fascination with all that is new and exciting, especially if not many others seem to be familiar with it.

I  remember being six years old and spending hours in my room with my twin sister, looking through magazines and newspapers and books and ripping out pages that we found interesting. We had a box that we used to store all of our findings - countless stories and photos on everything from the Loch Ness Monster, to the Holocaust to Robert the Haunted Doll. I sometimes would think about how I wanted to write stories of my own and share them with the world. I had not known at the time that this was an actual profession - something that people called journalists get to do every day of their lives.

At fifteen years old I was lucky enough to become a reporter for Teen Kids News, and have loved every minute of each experience since. I love meeting so many people and getting to hear all of their stories. I am always looking forward to our next adventure!

Here is a link to my new book, The Twin Connection, which I co-wrote with my sister. It's about our adventures and misadventures growing up as twins, and is filled with stories that any teen can relate to, twin or not!"