Charlotte's Web Review

Charlotte's Web Review



"Charlotte's Web," by E.B. White is an amazing blend of relationships, love, humor and life-and-death drama.  The characters are so well written that one gets very attached to a pig and a spider!

The story begins with eight year Fern Arable stopping her father from killing a piglet who is considered the runt of the litter.  This starts an adventure that goes on to demonstrate wonderful life lessons including not to underestimate anyone's ability or value based on their outside appearance!

One has to mention Templeton, the rat, who despite his "rat" like qualities of being sneaky, greedy and often nasty still possesses a certain something sympathetic.

And, of course, there is there is the spider, Charlotte, who is a truly wonderful and unforgettable character. Ultimately it is the powerful friendships throughout the story that has made this book a beloved classic.