College Dorm Room Living - 5 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Dorm Room

College Dorm Room Living - 5 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Dorm Room

Sharing a room with someone from across the country or across the world can be fun as well as a challenge.  Following the 5 tips below will help you get the most out of your dorm room, your roommate, and your college experience.

Work As  A Team-Talk to, text, or email your roommate(s) as soon as you know who it is and see if you can agree on how you want the room to look.  A space where 2 people have worked together on colors and other options means that you get twice the enjoyment because you are duplicating items and your environment looks cohesive.  Having everyone who is sharing the space take ownership in how it looks is a great way to start the year living together.

Be Creative About Storing Clothes-One of the best ways to cut down on clothes storage issues is to only bring what you think you'll need.  Start small and then have more clothes sent if you need them.  Look into the kinds of rack that will allow you to hang vertically rather than horizontally.  This will save a bunch of space and make it easier to find thing is you hang like pieces on the same vertical rack.  A shoe bag that hangs vertically is also a great space saver.

Create Storage-Storage is notoriously minimal so you'll have to think outside the box to have all you need.  Luckily there are many colorful options available.  Choose decorative baskets to store socks, underwear, desk supplies, and toiletries. Add a top to those that come stacked and your storage can double as a table for a lamp, radio, or TV.

Depending on how much space you have, the space under the coffee table can be used to store books that are loose or in plastic crates or containers.  This is also a great place for book bags, extra supplies.  A coffee table with drawers is great, but you can also throw a decorative fabric over the top and use it as a table for pizza and other goodies.

Make Cleaning Easy-Choose washable fabrics for curtains, rugs, and bedspreads.  There are tons of easy to clean coordinates that will allow you to get just the look you want for your room.  Avoid carpets that are unforgiving with spills, are difficult to clean without professional help, and hold dust mites and dirt more easily because of the tighter weave.  Opting for easy to clean everything means it can all get dumped in the washer and dryer every week and come back looking great.

Follow the Golden Rule - Always remember to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It may sound old fashioned, but when you’re living with so many other people around you all the time, it pays to be considerate. Keep in mind that just because you don’t have any class until 2 P.M. the next day and you want to blast music, doesn’t mean the people living next door don’t have a midterm in the morning. 

Written by Thomas Bauer