Meet the Reporters

Meet The Reporters



I really like school. My favorite subjects are Biology, Architecture and German, which I’ve been studying for four years. In my free time I do lots of artwork, sketching, sculpting and the like. I’ve recently started riding my bike around Manhattan with my friends. Preparing to become an anchor for me started around age 7. I studied at both the Boys and Girls Harbor and The Harlem School for the Arts for 5 years. Between that time I did some commercials and was lucky enough to land a role on Broadway playing Young Simba in The Lion King. As a nine year old all of the excitement of the theater was great. After that I did work with The Classical Theater of Harlem and then became an anchor.  



Hello everyone, I’m Livia. I am 17 years old and have just entered my Senior year of high school. Its all very exciting but it requires lots of hard work and studying. Being an anchor on Teen Kids News is really my favorite part of the year. Everyone working on the show has such a big heart and works to the max to make sure that every show is as great as it can be. My favorite part of being on this show is hearing the stories. Each one is so creative. You wonder how the producers even think of these things. Not only are the stories creative, they are also all incredibly interesting. I find myself learning something new with each show.  Whether it is a Flag Fact or any other segment, I realize just how much we don’t know about the world and am happy that shows like Teen Kids News are there to inform us. I am happy not only for their existence but for the opportunity I am given to work with the people who research, organize and film these stories.  



I am Siena and I’m just finishing 8th grade. During school I participate in choir and after school sports, plus all of my regular classes. I love art, music, acting, singing and playing the guitar. I love to hang out with all my friends and enjoy riding my bike around my neighborhood! I have a little sister who loves to be outdoors, we love to go outside and jump on our trampoline and play around. I love to act most of all and have had the opportunity to participate in 3 professional plays.  



I love being a part of Teen Kids News. I recently passed my Acting and Performing exam at school. One of my favorite things to do is play sports, especially soccer. I also really enjoy walking our dog, Veni. She is an Irish Terrier and is four years old.




I am in high school. I don’t necessarily have a favorite class but don’t mind history, French, and Latin. I love sports. I used to horseback ride but haven’t in a while. I dive year round and am on my schools track team. I love to travel. I have been to Europe numerous times, but my last trip was to Mexico. My next trip is to Australia. I’m very excited! I spend all my free time with friends. We walk around, shop, or just relax together.  



Hey, I'm Tyler, and thanks for logging on! Unlike my friends on the show that are from New York, I'm from a small town in northern Massachusetts. It's here where my "television career" kicked off. I started a cable show on local access when I was in fifth grade with a few friends, and my dreams have guided me from there. I've started to work with several radio stations, and I also now do some acting for commercials and movies. One thing that has always impressed me about the show, even before I was on it, is that I always learn something. We always have stories with meanings and life lessons - something everyone can use! Anchoring sports for Teen Kids News makes it hard when I can't mention my favorite sports teams - the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots! Although I wouldn't consider myself a "die-hard" fan, I certainly do follow the games and scores. In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball and football on the beach, watching movies, spending time with my girlfriend and other friends, and catching up on the days news. (Yes, I really am a news junkie. Can't get enough of it!) I hope you've enjoy Teen Kids News as much as I do. You certainly are the most important part of the program - our viewers! Best Wishes,Tyler  



My mother, Claudia Cohen worked on “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” covering entertainment, so I tagged along and learned the entertainment business first hand. I have brought those skills to Teen Kids News and have interviewed movie stars, reported on Broadway shows as well as other top flight entertainment. On one of my very first assignments, I brought my mother along to watch me report. It was a proud moment!



I love Teen Kids News because I am so proud of the stories that we report on. Education and helping others is very important to me.  I spent last summer working with an organization to help promote peace around the world.  I attend school in New York City and it's such a great place.  There are so many different things to do and interesting places to go.  When my family from Cleveland visits, I try to find a unique restaurant for us to go to and then go to a special event happening in the city.  Art events are a special favorite.



I'M CARLY! I live in South Carolina. I have been a Reporter for TEEN KIDS NEWS for 3 years. I love everything about TV Production! My Mom was a CNN Producer and Freelance Producer and used to take me with her on some of her TV shoots when I was little. I have Anchored my school news since I was in the 6th grade and have worked as an Anchor and Reporter for 2 local TV shows in Charlotte, NC. Next year when I am a Senior in High School, I will be the Producer of my school news program. I am the President of the Southern Interscholastic Press Association representing 15 states and District of Columbia. I was also the Charlotte Observer's Young Achiever in 2012. When I am not on TV, I am dancing! I have been on the Varsity Dance Team at my school every year. I have a younger Brother and Sister, Ryan and Sarah, 12 who are Twins. I love being on TEEN KIDS NEWS! It is the perfect show to help me pursue my passion for broadcast journalism and I hope to inspire others!


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