TKN Reporter - Tyler

Hi, I'm Tyler. Thanks for checking out my TKN profile!

I guess you could say I've been a "newsie" since I was very young. My grandfather never turned off the local news, my aunt was an "ambulance chaser" and my dad always liked to tell me stories. Mix it all together, and here I am - a diehard news junkie that lives for the next big story!

While I do consider myself a "multimedia news journalist," I really like the simple title of "reporter." My favorite thing about being a reporter is showing our viewers something they wouldn't otherwise see anywhere else. It's something that television news always impressed me about growing up, and I truly have earned a respect for strong journalism, ethics and storytelling. I don't think I have done my job unless I have shared something new with you at the end of the day! And that's what is so incredible about Teen Kids News - the entire team here has one goal: to serve you, our audience!

Fittingly, TKN has not only opened up so many opportunities for me and how I have seen the field of journalism, but it has allowed me to share those opportunities and experiences with you. From reporting in the dugout at Yankee Stadium, to driving on a high-speed track in Chicago with Ford Motor Company, to young circus performers working their way to a successful future in the state of Vermont - I have traveled across the country with TKN, and each time I have become more impressed with fellow teens everywhere. The insight, wisdom and motivation many of you share with us each and every week is what makes me want to continue in this business in the future as a professional.

And...okay, not to brag, but so far I have personally received four New York Emmy nominations with TKN, and we even won an Emmy for a story I had the honor of sharing with you about the United States Naval Academy. But really, I had the easy part. It has been such a privilege to work with such talented people and to be rewarded for the hard work put in by all!

When I'm not working with TKN, you can find me at my college's student government meetings, working at a local radio station, volunteering with a community service group or playing volleyball. And, of course, spending time with my supportive parents and two brothers! Well, that's really all there is to know about me for now. Besides, I'm much more interested in your story!